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2019 Grantee Award Winners

Health & Wellness

The Spruce Foundation’s 2019 Grantee for Health and Wellness is Philly Girls in Motion, a small, but continuously growing, Philadelphia based non-profit, dedicated to empowering girls through sports and fitness. Noticing a high demand for young female sports programs in Philadelphia, Beth Devine started Philly Girls in Motion in 2010, which at the time served just fifty girls. Since that time, not only has Philly Girls in Motion grown to serve 1,000 girls but through its sports and after-school fitness programs, it has also helped each of those girls grow and develop a positive sense of self-awareness and self-confidence.


The Spruce Foundation’s 2019 Grantee for LGBTQ was Galaei, a queer Latin@ social justice organization, with youth programs that work to support the empowerment and leadership development of queer latinx and black youth, through individual coaching, group support, and community engagement.  Galaei provides a safe and supportive environment in which young members of the community are coached through various issues relating to sexual health, education, employment, conflict resolution, and trauma. Through group activities, Galaei helps queer latin@ youth strengthen their social support system and facilitate dialogue on how to have a positive impact on their community.


Founded in 2008 with the desire to keep art alive in underfunded public schools. Fresh Artists amplifies the voice of children by promoting their access to the transformative process of art-making and by validating their talent and selfless concern for the well being of others. 70-100% of the children they serve meet the common delineator of poverty. They introduce the brilliance of their art to thousands of people and curate an ever-growing art collection from K-12 students.


Rebel Ventures works to create healthy deliciousness with kids in schools and in communities. They impact the supply of healthy food by developing food products with the children that are sold to schools. They work to impact the demand for healthy food through experiential learning and working directly with kids in schools creating good food.