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Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves: Cara Hackett

Meet Cara Hackett, Chair of our Communications Committee, a Broadway regular, and a Questlove fan—she’s been involved with Spruce for almost four years, from the grantmaking to showing up to uplift our grantees onsite whenever there’s the chance.

What’s your favorite part about living in or near Philly?

I love that I’m always within walking distance of a friend or two. Philly gives off a small-town feel in a big city.

Who’s your favorite Philly icon, alive or dead?


Your out-of-town friends are here for the weekend. Where in Philly do you take them for a good time?

Bok Bar! The restaurant/bar on top of the old school building is unlike any other spot in the city. And the view is amazing.

What’s a little-known fact about yourself?

I love live theatre and have seen over 20 shows on Broadway.

What’s your go-to coffee shop in Philly? And why?

Vibrant Coffee Roasters in Rittenhouse. Their coffee is delicious and they make their own sourdough.

Which Philly cheesesteak spot is actually the best?

Jim’s South Street, hands down.

Favorite film or TV show that features Philly?

Queer Eye Season 5.

What three words would you use to describe Philadelphia to someone not from here?

Historical, honest, hungry.

How long have you been involved with the Spruce Foundation? And why did you decide to get involved?

I’ve been involved with Spruce since I joined the Grant-making Committee back in the fall of 2018. I was finally settled into my first job out of college and was ready to dedicate my free time to something new, exciting, and meaningful.

What is your committee (or ad-hoc committee) working on right now that you’re most excited about?

Our DEI Outreach Program. In 2020, Spruce recommitted to becoming an anti-racist organization, and since then we’ve built relationships with like-minded organizations throughout the city. These partnerships help us learn and grow on this journey.

What has been your favorite event, initiative, or accomplishment while you’ve been at Spruce?

In the fall of 2019, we hosted an art gallery with our grantee, Fresh Artists, at the Powel House in Old City. Students’ art was put on display for attendees to view and purchase. It was an amazing event that really put our grantee in the spotlight.

The Spruce Foundation is managed by an all-volunteer group of rising stars in Philadelphia’s professional community who are dedicated to leveraging their skills to build a promising future for local youth. Learn more about the Spruce Foundation and who we are »