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Fall into Philly Art

Philadelphia is a city full of art – not just in our stunning art museums on the Ben Franklin Parkway, but on the murals that decorate our city’s streets, in the mosaics in the Magic Gardens and throughout South Philadelphia, in the diverse food scene, and in our area’s schools. Trying to get more artistic this fall? Check out three off-the-canvas ways to do it below.

  1. Volunteer at Philly’s Magic Gardens. Don’t just go and view the city’s most eclectic art setting – help make it run. Volunteers are frequently used for help with events, new programs, and even exhibit installations. Be a part of it all – email volunteer@phillymagicgardens.org for more information.
  2. Visit the 30 Americans exhibition at the Barnes Museum. 30 Americans is an exhibition of works by 30 contemporary African American artists. The art ranges from old to new, and use a variety of mediums to challenge what we know and think about what it means to be American in this day and age. Change your perspective and go check it out until January 12.
  3. Experience and buy student art at Spruce Gallery. Spruce Gallery is an open-bar art gallery featuring the artwork of students. Our grantee, Fresh Artists, will be partnering with us for the event on Thursday, November 7th. You’ll have the opportunity to network with Fresh Artists and Spruce, learn more about Fresh Artists, and learn more about how have worked together. You will even get the chance to purchase student art at the gallery! Email info@sprucefoundation.org if you have any questions.