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Featured in Young Professionals Council: Growing Our Giving Through Dynamic Donations

This article was originally shared by the Young Professionals Council on June 12, 2021.

Millennials have been unsurprisingly a demographic hit hard by the past year’s pandemic and economic slowdown. While budgets tightened, the act of giving did not disappear as a line item. In 2020, over 75% of individuals aged 25 to 34 (“millennials”) donated to friends, family, or nonprofits. Recently, I reflected upon what makes the next generation give and how we can continue to step forward as local leaders.

My biggest lesson: be growth-minded. While talking with folx about budgets and the role philanthropy plays in their lives, I often hear that they do not have the money to give at year-end or when asked for specific events. Philanthropy, no matter the size, is about intentionality. To be growth-minded, we must see ourselves not as sponsors to hit specific levels, but as habitual donors who give according to our ability and are aligned with our values. The goal is to grow with our favorite causes over time and develop the habit of naming a line item for nonprofits.