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Seven Questions with Honeytree Evil Eye

On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, the Spruce Foundation will be hosting “Candy Cane Cabaret,” a fundraiser to support our annual $5,000 grant to a local charity doing great work for LGBTQ kids in Philadelphia. We’re so honored to have the one and only HoneyTree Evil Eye producing this event.

To learn more about the event (and to buy tickets) check out the EventBrite page. To learn about our fabulous event producer, the causes closest to her heart, and why she wanted to help Spruce raise money to support LGBTQ youth, read on.

1) Tell us a little bit about your performance personality. What should we know?

HoneyTree Evil Eye is not a doll, she’s an action figure. Instead of rhinestones and feathers, I’m about solid concepts, whether they be serious and political in nature or completely stupid and just meant to entertain. My background is in dance, so you can expect movement to be the most important component of my performance.

(2) What about Spruce inspired you to perform at our fundraiser?

Burlesque is a form of activism: supporting feminism and body positivity in the art form that arose from satire of the aristocracy. We share a common mission with the Spruce Foundation to empower young people to feel inspired to create and make change.

(3) What is your favorite thing/part about Philadelphia?

We have all the excitement and amenities of a big city but it’s really a series of small neighborhoods. It’s incredibly easy to meet cool people doing rad shit.

(4) What cause or causes are you passionate about? How are you involved? How did you get involved?

I’m a sex educator, so intersectional, body positive, LGBT-inclusive, feminist sex positivity is my jam. I do all the things: connect underrepresented populations to the mainstream through media, organize fundraisers for groups like the March to End Rape Culture and Women’s Medical Fund, and am a signal booster for others doing that kind of work as well.

(5) This performance supports The Spruce Foundation’s LGBTQ grant, which supports charities doing amazing work for LGBTQ youth in Philadelphia. Do you have any thoughts on why supporting LGBTQ youth is important?

As a queer kid, I found the strength to be myself and move forward because there were others out there who were brave enough to stand up first. I’ll be here to show queer kids that the options are not as limited as you might fear and there are so many doors to open that aren’t even visible to them yet.

(6) What other upcoming events or performances do you have going on? Where can people follow you or what you’re up to?

Every Monday you can check me out as the host, co-producer and headliner at Full Front Street at Victoria Freehouse, Philly’s only weekly burlesque show. On the first Sunday of the month you can check out HoneyGasm, the sensual, decadent and weird burlesque and variety show I curate at Franky Bradley’s. Last Tuesday of the month is 6SEX6, an all-metal and rock burlesque and gogo show at Raven Lounge. The last Wednesday of the month is Agitated! a drag/burlesque/variety show that focuses entirely on politics and social justice issues. Find HoneyTree EvilEye on Facebook or check out burlesqueadelphia.com to find out all the burlesque events in the city.

(7) What else would you like to share that you feel is important for our audience to know?

Have fun. That’s the point.