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Seven Questions With Zsa Zsa St. James

On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, the Spruce Foundation will be hosting “Candy Cane Cabaret,” a fundraiser to support our annual $5,000 grant to a local charity doing great work for LGBTQ kids in Philadelphia. We’re so honored to have Zsa Zsa St. James performing at this this event.

To learn more about the event (and to buy tickets) check out the EventBrite page. To learn about Zsa Zsa, the causes closest to her heart, and why she wanted to help Spruce raise money to support LGBTQ youth, read on.

1) Tell us a little bit about your performance personality. What should we know?

Hi, my name is Zsa Zsa St. James and I am known as the Rice Bowl Queen of Philadelphia. I am a versatile artist ranging from being a high octane dance to a comedy queen, to a broadway queen. I recently received an award as Philly’s Best Lipsync Artist of the year and years prior to that I was Cycle 3 Drag Wars winner.

(2) What about Spruce inspired you to perform at our fundraiser?

I was inspired at the fact that it’s a non-profit that gives back to the community especially Philadelphia’s youth. I am a person that gives back to others as well and I continue to be a positive energy in the LGBTQ community to inspire others to be positive, live life, and be selfless with one another.

(3) What is your favorite thing/part about Philadelphia?

My favorite part about Philadelphia is the immense talent and creative energy this city pulses. It’s mind-blowing and inspirational.

(4) What cause or causes are you passionate about? How are you involved? How did you get involved?

I’m passionate about helping the homeless and the rights of animals. I’m not directly involved in anything in particular except for participating in shows that give money back to organizations that are involved in helping others. I’ve rescued animals last year and whenever my job place has architecture events and there’s a lot of food leftover, I pack them up and send them to shelters or go around distributing the food to the homeless.

(5) This performance supports The Spruce Foundation’s LGBTQ grant, which supports charities doing amazing work for LGBTQ youth in Philadelphia. Do you have any thoughts on why supporting LGBTQ youth is important?

Because a lot of LGBTQ youth are sometimes left homeless, being shunned away from their families and at times some are lost and confused. They need support, help, and positivity.

6) What other upcoming events or performances do you have going on? Where can people follow you or what you’re up to?

Recent events/shows were: Drag Me to Landmark in Glassboro, NJ on 11/18 and The Foxes show at the Fillmore in Philadelphia on 11/20. People can follow me on Facebook or Instagram under my handle: Zsabloblaw

(7) What else would you like to share that you feel is important for our audience to know?

I would like the audience to know that I’m a goofball and I have a warm heart. I give back to others as much as I can and try to be there for others to help them through the turmoils of life. I also encourage others to see the beauty behind everything and everyone even if they don’t see it about themselves. I encourage people to not dwell on negative experiences whether it’s the past/present/future and to live life to the fullest because it’s too short. All this negativity is wasted energy and to live life with a positive mind makes it so much more worth it.