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FAQ: Application Process for Our Board of Directors

Interested in joining an organization centered around supporting and cultivating Philadelphia’s Youth? Apply today for a leadership opportunity with a group of people working to make this beautiful city shine a little brighter!

Spruce Foundation is an all volunteer non-profit that cultivates next-gen leaders and philanthropists. The goal and mission of our organization is to give back to Philly youth.

Visit our Get Involved page to apply. Applications are due July 1st.

Is there an interview process?

Yes! After the application closes, one of our board members will reach out to you to schedule an interview. After a couple of weeks, you’ll find out if you got the position.

How long do I serve on the board if I join?

The maximum time you can serve on the board is 4 years. During that time you can have 3 roles. You will have the opportunity to change roles every year. If you find board service isn’t right for you, you can roll off the board formally at the end of the year.

There’s a question on the application about giving financially. Is there a set amount I have to give?

Absolutely not. Part of our mission is cultivating young philanthropy, and that means giving what you can. However, we do ask that you purchase a ticket to all of our events throughout the year. There are normally 4- 5 events hosted.

How many hours per week do members spend on Spruce board work?

It depends. Some weeks, you may spend 2-4 hours on board work and others, it’s more like 10. Spruce is a volunteer, working board, and the time commitment can vary based on the time of year, events schedule and grants schedule.

Are you only looking for people with prior board experience?

Nope! Board experience is not a requirement. In fact, many of our board members, who are now seasoned veterans, came to Spruce without any prior experience! All that is required is a high work ethic and a willingness to learn.