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The Philanthropy 5: Paul Lantis

Welcome to our blog series, The Philanthropy 5! Each month, we will chat with a Spruce Foundation alumni about their unique perspective on giving, and share the top five takeaways.

1. What was your most meaningful experience with the Spruce Foundation?

Paul: Getting to know people, who come from all types of backgrounds and who I may not have otherwise known.  The common interest that we all have is philanthropy and giving back to the City. It was an inspiring common bond and resulted in many amazing relationships.

2. How do you feel Spruce impacted your career the most?

Paul: It introduced me to up and coming community leaders who will be the exact people I will do business with as I move forward.  Because the organization includes many people with far reaching networks, I was exposed to a whole new group of people who I would not have without Spruce.

3. What is the most unexpected way giving has added to your life?

Paul: Specific to Spruce, it opened my eyes to the many organizations that are doing amazing work that I wouldn’t normally think of/be attracted to for giving.  Seeing the impact that it has on youth and the positive changes/butterfly effect that seemingly small donations can achieve is unbelievably meaningful.

4. Who is your philanthropy role model or hero?

Paul: Anyone who gives, even when it is hard.  Spruce has shown me that everyone has something to give, even if it is not monetary.  Philanthropy is much bigger than huge donations. The person who isn’t the “ideal” philanthropist, but who still gives (either time, money, or both) because they want to is a hero, especially to the people who are recipients of their kindness.

 5. What is your favorite book, article, Podcast, or TEDtalk on giving back?

Paul: The Good Giver – [but that’s more of a business development book, so probably not what you are looking for.]  Truthfully, I don’t have one. I’m just always inspired by people who are giving. Spruce introduced me to so many of them.  Our board meetings might be my favorite, especially when there was disagreement on what to do because it really highlighted the passion that everyone in the room had for giving back.  That was my favorite.