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Three Ways to Support Philadelphia Philanthropy During COVID-19

We’re all pretty used to these phrases by now: “these trying times,” “for the foreseeable future,” and “when this is over.” It’s a strange time and a lot is changing, but the need to support philanthropy in Philadelphia hasn’t changed. We’ve highlighted three ways to make an impact during COVID-19 as a Philadelphia young philanthropist. 

Support a food service non-profit. There are a few non-profits in the city that do incredible work outside of the context of COVID-19, but two organizations are working in lockstep with the municipal government to become a lifeline to those in need. Share Food and Philadbundance are both supporting food security by providing free food to anyone who needs it, no questions asked. Every dollar you donate to them supports that effort.

Support your favorite local, small non-profit. Your neighborhood non-profit that only has a few employees or is all-volunteer may not have the infrastructure and function to be very active during this time, but they still serve a vital function in their community and will be financially impacted by the virus. Take a look through our grantee list to see the non-profits Spruce has supported through the years for donation ideas.

Volunteer your skillset digitally. Your skills are still needed even if you can’t get out there and physically volunteer. The Philadelphia Foundation has a marketplace of volunteer skills called the Key Skills Hub that allows you to pick a digital volunteer opportunity to work on. You may be the missing piece that a non-profit needs to be successful during this time.